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Wish you a very Happy World Lion Day!!!

Gir National Park
Asiatic Lion

Celebrate this world lion day with some exiting information about Asiatic Lions,their population,habitat and many things...


"Gir National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary-The Last Home of Asiatic Lions"

Lion's biological name is Panthera leo leo. Lions are included in Big Wild Cat family.

  • About

Gir Forest is situated near Talala Gir,Gujarat.It's also called Sasan Gir or Gir Wildlife Sanctuary.Nearest city to Gir forest is located about 60 km away is Junagadh.

  • History

In the end of 19th century, there were nearly 10 Asiatic Lions left in India. At that time there were too many Asiatic lions were hunt by Nawabs of Junagadh.After decline in population of Asiatic Lions those areas were protected as Sanctuary in 1965.

  • Distribution And Area

Gir Forest covers about 1,410 sq kms. Surrounding areas of gir forest is also habitat to the Asiatic Lions.In 1965 National Park was established and it's cover about 250 sq kms,in national park no human activity allowed but only Maldharis can live in the surrounding areas of Park.

  • Population and Habitat

The Majestic Asiatic Lions are only lives in Gir National Park and surrounding area of Junagadh.

The Majestic Asiatic Lion's population is increased by about 29% as on last census 2020.And the geographical area also up by about 36%,This census called Poonam Avlokan. Asiatic Lion's census is conducted in every 5 years. As per 2015 census there were only 523 asiatic lion were counted (including 109 male,201 female & 213 cubs/young).This year's census tell about 29% increasing rate in population of Majestic Asiatic Lions,including 161 Male,260 Female,116 Young and 137 Cubs.It's gradually big growth in population.

This World Lion Day let's take a step towards nature and save them.

Save Lions

Save Nature

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