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World Photography Day

Wish you a very Happy World Photography Day!!!

We are celebrating world photography day to express and communicate the feelings of the people by Photography.

Photography is the art of creating the image with perfect Composition, Exposure, and Timing.

Let's Celebrate the World Photography Day 2020 virtually. On this day Capturing Wild presenting an interesting article on Wildlife-Photography!!!

Wildlife Photography

Wildlife Photography is the genre of photography. It is a form of capturing various types of animal species in their natural habitat.

History of Wildlife Photography:-

In the early days, it's very difficult to capture good wildlife images due to a lack of media and other types of equipment. At that time usually pets and zoo animals were photographed. Wildlife photography gained more interest when faster equipment came. In 1906 Nat Geo (National Geographic) published the first wildlife photo.

How to do Wildlife Photography:-

To do Wildlife photography you must have the basic knowledge of camera settings like ISO, Aperture (f-number), Shutter speed control. You can do wildlife photography in modes like Manual, Shutter Priority, Aperture Priority, it's based on your object or situation.

Manual Mode:-

Manual mode is the best mode for every Amature and Professional Photographer to capture wildlife. But you should have the proper knowledge to operate the Manual mode. Manual mode contains Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO sensitivity, you can control these settings based on your situation.

Shutter Priority Mode:-

Using manual mode is not always appropriate for every situation. If you're capturing the moving subject like a running animal, birds you have should switch to Shutter Priority Mode in this camera can adjust the shutter speed automatically based on your ISO and Aperture.

Aperture Priority Mode:-

Using this mode you can capture the image with perfect exposure selected by the camera. You can use it if there's a low light condition or in the evening or night.

Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority are semi-automatic modes of the camera.

Equipments or Gears to be used while doing Wildlife Photography:-

Most wildlife photographers can use different types of lenses for wildlife photography. Most wildlife lenses have a more focal length. The focal length for doing wildlife photography must be good or maybe about 200mm. More focal length can allow the photographer to capture the perfect frame or object. You can also use third-party lenses like Sigma, Tamron, or others.


Timing is the first thing you should take care of. If you are doing wildlife photography every expression, every move should be perfectly captured at a time. It's an art of wildlife photography.

Written by Meet Patel

Once again Happy World Photography Day, Stay Home, Stay Safe!!!

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