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Rajesh Patel

Stunning, fantastic and thrilling experience. We've seen 3 male lions, 3 female lionesses, 1 leopard and 1 sub-adult cub. Once in a lifetime adventure.


Daxesh Patel

Thrilling safari 🔥🔥. unforgettable memories. breathtaking encounter with the real king🦁. stay in a cosy and nice place. the food at its best.spectacular view what more can you ask for?


Janvi Patel

It was an absolutely amazing experience. Safari was no doubt the best part of the entire trip. We got to meet the majestic lions of Gir. Accommodation at The Lion'zo was also very comfortable and the interior was really beautiful. It actually gave us the experience of staying in the jungle but with all the facilities at best. Overall we enjoyed the trip thoroughly. Everything was well managed.


Sindhav Jitu

Excellent and well managed service. Will surely recommend.

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